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Driving you to ask yourself questions that will generate new answers, boosting your business effectiveness and feeding the continuous evolution of your operative model.

You will develop the tools, needed to achieve your objectives with less effort and more speed

Support to analysis of markets, contracts and foreign cultures.


Be in touch with professionals all over the word, with a particular focus on China.

Be supported on the start-up of your representative offices in Asia.

We translate documents in English, Chinese and Italian.

We assist you in business negotiations with Chinese companies and professionals.

Through statistical methodologies we analyse and evolve your positioning.

You will achieve more focus on clients segments, gaining a sharper proposition of your products and services.


After that, we can also support you in rebuilding your sales network, enabling you to reach Italian and/or foreign markets, to calibrate your product/service mix and to select sales and communication channels (on/off line).

In order to execute your new marketing and commercial programs, we can estimate with you the investments needed, and find funding solutions.

Execution and governance of the action plans for your projects.

Variability analysis to monitor the alignment of actions with strategic plans.

You will get top management reporting, with the agreed key performance indicators, to inform and provide decisional support to the stakeholders.

You can rest assured that the execution is in line with budget and time to market needed, while we manage the projects planning.