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1. Analysis of your activity and production of “Diagnosis” document
2. Delivery of a “lean” action plan, to address issues we found during the Diagnosis
3. Just as an example, results could be: sales increase, cost reduction, operative model evolution, increased alignment between people’s behaviour and company policies/expectations

Duration: 4 to 8 weeks

You will get the results of our business diagnosis, that you can use directly. You will be able to maximize profit from you actual client base, encouraging your clients to spend more for your products and services


1. Analysis of your specific needs and proposition of the cities or areas ideal to open your representative office in China.
2. Negotiation to acquire the physical space needed for your activities, in the budget and times agreed
3. Support to understand the check list of the needed documents
4. We facilitate documentation and follow the complex procedures with Chinese public offices
5.You can now start your new activity in China

Duration: 3 to 6 months from the selection of the venue

It’s fundamental, to be able to establish your business in China or with Chinese partners, to have a representative office, a front-end for Chinese people. It’s possible to do it with us, at sustainable costs. The service is also available to support Chinese people willing to develop in Italy.
The solution is available to citizens coming from all over the word.


We build the process, people and tech strategy and the action plan to realize it, inside and outside your point of sales.


Duration: starting from 1 month

Are you ready for ReDiGItail?


1. Analysis of your activity and production of “Diagnosis” document
2. You get a complete Action Plan that will be executed and monitored for 3 to 6 months (for each action, times, costs and ROI will be specified)
3. You have our support in realizing all the actions of the plan (i.e: funding option research; creating presence on the china market, etc)
4. We monitor action results and provide you with weekly reports to constantly follow actions’ progress  
5. We complete the project with you, analysing results achieved and evaluating with you further developments

Duration: 3 to 6 months

Drive more profit with our support!
The increased revenues generated, will cover the cost of our intervention.


We are by your side, supporting you to generate the right questions with answers enabling you to evolve business, global welfare for you as well as for the  people working with and for you. We can guide you to produce successful presentations of your projects, account plans, curriculum vitae. We empower you in the research of roles that fit your personality, experiences and skills, building together a strategy to show companies and employers your real value.

Duration: starting from 1 month

We aim to increase focus and skills to pursue the targets with less effort and more speed